Jay Dee has been writing poetry and rhymes for two decades. In 1998, he obtained his business license and started Untouchable Records. Shortly after, he released his first solo album titled “The Life I Live” which moved 8,000 units independently. He took a creative break to focus on the label and business plan.

Jay Dees vision then began to flourish, signing other talented artists to the label. Untouchable Records released a double disc album in 2002 titled “The Camp Compilation Vol. 1” which gained radio play and served as great promotions for the new label. Jay Dee decided to move into the mixtape game, so he released “The UNT Camp” mixtape in 2003, followed by “The Realest Mixtape Vol. 1” in 2005.
With the streets behind him, he kept writing for his next solo effort, all the while trying to perfect his craft. In 2006, he released “The Realest Mixtape Vol. 2”, followed shortly after by “The Realest Mixtape Vol. 3” in 2007. Although calling his releases mixtapes, they were filled with all original material. In his continuing effort to promote his label, he released “The BlackOut Mixtape” in 2008 which was another compilation CD. His long awaited album “Nothing But The Truth… So Help Me God” dropped in 2009 and was an instant classic. In 2010 he teamed up with his long time friend/partner Joerilla and completed the “Take The Bad With The Good” mixtape, followed by the ever intimate “Open Heart Music” mixtape in 2011.

To date, Jay Dee has recorded over 550 songs and written over a thousand….. not including his journal style writing and poetry. His work ethic is relentless… doing his best to tell his story through art. In 2012, he finished yet another album titled “A Walk In My Shoes”, and is currently working on his latest project “Audiobiography”, slated for 2014. His poetry book “The Soul Of A Poet… A Road To Reality” was finished and self-published in 2013 and is currently for sale on amazon.com.

Now that you’re up to speed in the world of Jay Dee… go download, listen and enjoy for free.